Mario’s passion for his work, his experience and knowledge, and lastly but not least, his Madelinot spirit and colorful speech make him a respected and popular speaker.

SCOLAR CONFERENCES - Mario’s adventure :

Mario talks about the efforts he deployed to achieve his dream and become a professional diver. He develops the idea of the need to dream and nurture your future realities. Nature is presented through all its’ splendor as a heritage to preserve, a Madelinot value which he proudly explains. Images and stories build this encounter during which the speaker reveals the natural beauties of the places he has explored. Themes like the environment and the need for preservation of the ecology are developed. He also talks about professional diving, his work and the secrets of his success, all the while emphasizing the importance of self-esteem, and self-knowledge.

VISUAL SUPPORT : exclusive expedition photos and videos / wildlife and expedition.

THEMES : Arctic world, Arctic wildlife ecology, cold water diving conditions, wildlife preservation, diving and underwater filmmaking profession, self-knowledge and self-esteem.

The conference is adapted in function of different scholar ages.

* For more information, please contact : Mario Cyr, (418) 937-1459