Oceans are the cradle of life on our planet, and remain today our wildest and most biodiverse frontier. But for how long? Since the turn of the century, marine life all over the world has been hit by a perfect storm fuelled by overfishing, pollution and global warming. While environmentalists and researchers are sounding the alarm, most people don’t seem concerned. That is not the case for extreme diving experts Mario Cyr and Jill Heinerth who are making it a personal affair. And for good reason.

Mario Cyr and his team want marine life survival to become a planetary personal affair. They will therefore embark on daring expeditions to Polar seas to share their amazement and concerns in the new feature length documentary Under Thin Ice. This passionate and heartfelt testimony to the splendour and resilience of underwater life at the ends of the Earth will leave nobody cold.


For decades, both have witnessed first-hand dramatic changes in aquatic life behaviour occurring in polar regions at an unpredecented rate and scale, from microscopic plankton to one-hundred-ton blue whales. Diving under the ice pack with walruses, swimming along with mighty polar bears or crawling inside giant icebergs, our daring aquanauts have also felt the effects of global warming in their very bones.