Mario’s passion for his work, his experience and knowledge, and lastly but not least, his Madelinot spirit and colorful speech make him a respected and popular speaker.

CONFERENCE FOR ADULTS – Mario’s adventure :

Mario Cyr presents his experience as a professional underwater image producer. Numerous unique videos related to nature and ecology reveal his unique experience as a professional cold water diver and cameraman. He tells the stories of the before and behind the scenes of his filmmaking and explains the multiple aspects of his work: the preparation phase before expeditions, his diving expertise as a team leader and the use of leading technology. His knowledge is shared with optimism and passion, setting an example for motivation and perseverance

VISUAL SUPPORT : exclusive videos and photos of expeditions / animal life and encounters.

THEMES : working in cold water, expeditions, preparation phase, team work and team leading, the professional world of marine productions, Arctic and Antarctic worlds.

Animated question period.

* For more information, please contact : Mario Cyr, (418) 937-1459