Mario’s passion for his work, his experience and knowledge, and lastly but not least, his Madelinot spirit and colorful speech make him a respected and popular speaker.

CONFERENCE FOR ADULTS – Mario’s adventure :

Mario Cyr presents his experience as a professional underwater image producer. Numerous unique videos related to nature and ecology reveal his unique experience as a professional cold water diver and cameraman. He tells the stories of the before and behind the scenes of his filmmaking and explains the multiple aspects of his work: the preparation phase before expeditions, his diving expertise as a team leader and the use of leading technology. His knowledge is shared with optimism and passion, setting an example for motivation and perseverance

VISUAL SUPPORT : exclusive videos and photos of expeditions / animal life and encounters.

THEMES : working in cold water, expeditions, preparation phase, team work and team leading, the professional world of marine productions, Arctic and Antarctic worlds.

Animated question period.

* For more information, please contact : Mario Cyr, (418) 937-1459


Mario Cyr and Serge Boudreau, diver assistant cameraman
Sedna Bay - Antarctic
© François Prévost

From September 2005 to November 2006, the 12 crew members of the SEDNA IV participated in a major scientific and cinematographic mission. It was an extraordinary human adventure that took them to the farthest reaches of the planet to document the effects of climate change.

This incredible voyage lasted 430 days. More than 750,000 people followed their adventures on the Web.