Mario is from the Magdalen Islands, located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the St Lawrence River meets the sea. This is where his passion for the ocean and marine diving became his career at age 17. He soon reveals to be one of the world experts in ocean exploration and cinematography.

Since then, Mario has become one of the very few specialists of cold water diving, capturing spectacular and unique scenes from marine life in the Arctic and Antarctic poles as well as from every ocean on the planet.

In 1991, Mario Cyr was a pioneer in filming wild walrus packs and polar bears at a very close range. His expertise and knowledge has enabled him to film authentic and never-before-seen underwater images of swimming polar bears or a female walrus nursing her young

Mario Cyr is internationnaly renowned in the world of cinematography, animal documentary and ocean or polar expeditions. His passion for marine life, his expertise and talent in these domains have a great impact on his public with whom he enjoys sharing his know-how and knowledge of the underwater world as well as his concerns for the marine ecology.

Mario Cyr, Cold water and ice diving specialist
Grande-Entrée • Îles de la Madeleine

Mario Cyr is an internationally renowned expedition leader for Arctic and Antarctic missions, a cold-water diving expert and a world-class cinematographer. He has participated in more than 150 films for broadcasters such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the BBC, IMAX 3D, Disney Productions, the CBC and David Suzuki, la Société Cousteau, France 2, Arte and NHK Japan.